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About Us

Iconika is a company dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of condominiums, offices, movings, and post construction sites.

We consider that the cleaning and maintenance of a property must be a serious, compromised, and professional activity since it depends on the tranquility of our customers.

Iconika is an innovative and professional company where the quality of our service makes the difference with other companies in the industry. That is why we have highly qualified personnel to perform the required jobs and meet the expectations of our clients.

We have training programs for all of our staff on the use of chemicals, machinery equipment, safety, and hygiene. We are committed to having frequent and effective communication with our clients, therefore we have a department of supervisors who regularly attend the facilities to ensure the quality of our services. This control allows us to adapt our work plan effectively and according to the needs that may arise.

Our work plan:


Analysis of the situation and needs of each place.


Method of action, quantity of employees, time, and products.


Monitoring and control of work of our employees.


Find 100% satisfaction in our customers.

Advantages of Contractors

* Personnel HIGHLY QUALIFIED to guarantee our work and total disclaimer of responsibility of maintenance personnel.

* We work with a system of control of consumptions consumed, which results in saving of expenses in
products, which allows us to offer work of high quality at competitive prices.
* Excellent relation QUALITY / PRICE , motivate the attraction and loyalty of our clients .
* We are a company committed to the environment using eco friendly products .
* We remain at the disposal of our customers, answering your questions and needs for your complete

* You will not have to worry about staff absenteeism to cover absences
from our employees if necessary.
ICONIKA is proud of its staff and the commitment that each of them puts
in achieving the satisfaction of our customers, through the quality of our
services of cleaning and maintenance of facilities.
ICONIKA is committed to maintaining the appropriate resources for the
correct delivery of the service contracted by the client, to continuously
train the staff in order to direct us, towards continuous improvement and
the excellence of our work.

125 Construction

24 Condominiums

40 Offices

23 Clinics